NEW MARLBOROUGH - The Broadband Committee will meet at 4:30 p.m. today at the New Marlborough Town Hall to discuss efforts to bring broadband internet to the town.

The Berkshire Eagle reports the committee will be reviewing a draft of the town's Request For Proposal document for companies interested in providing internet service to the town.

Broadband Committee Chairman, Richard Long had this to say:

while we know who the likely respondents are, based on informal proposals at hand, we might generate some new interests as well. The purpose for our meeting this week is to review, edit and modify the draft RFP as appropriate

New Marlborough was previously part of a multitown effort to use Frontier Communications to build and service the town's fiber-optic networks, but it ended the relationship because the cost to the town became too high.

According to a previous article in the Berkshire Eagle, the towns included in the multitown effort (in addition to New Marlborough) included Sandisfield, Tolland, and Monterey. New Marlborough as well as Monterey both backed out of the effort with Frontier Communications.