There are two types of people in the world, people who back into their driveway and people who nose into their driveway. For the folks who back into their driveway, it's an obsession. They don't do it just sometimes, they never falter.

I mean, it is easier to exit your driveway if you just have to drive forward. If you live on a main road; however, backing into your driveway can be impossible.

Teen driver focusing on backing out of driveway

I recall a car accident I was involved in about 20 years ago where this guy was backing out of his driveway, crossed the double yellow line, and smashed right into my left front quarter panel.


Even though I saw him with his reverse lights on from a distance, I had the right of way. He was found at fault and cited by the police on scene. He eventually tried to sue me, but I chucked the letter from his lawyer in the trash after consulting my insurance company.

So, Even Though He Was Cited In The Accident, Is It ILLEGAL To Reverse Out Of Your Driveway In Massachusetts?

It is not. But...

In Massachusetts, drivers reversing into the roadway are presumed to be at fault if an accident occurs. So, while it is not illegal to back out of a driveway, the burden is definitely on the reversing vehicle to do so safely.

Although he was an older man and I felt badly for him, it was his 100% his fault.

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