Back in November, we introduced you to a talented singer and songwriter from north of the border. Sabrina Fallah hails from Ottawa, Canada as she has been described as a natural on stage and has been deemed as Joan Jett's alter ego. She can truly rock the house with her polished vocals and plays a mean guitar as she entertains audiences at her homeland with a unique flair and style and one of these days we could be blessed to see her perform in venues across the tri-state region of Western Massachusetts, Northwestern Connecticut and Eastern New York. We will keep you posted for sure.

Sabrina's musical influences include Joan Jett (of course), Bon Jovi, Green Day and Billy Idol just to name a few as some of her musical selections reflect on the influence of her mentors. She has already recorded and released her first E-P recorded across the pond in England as she worked with producers Stuart Epps and Chris Birkett.

A few years ago, Sabrina went to Music City, USA (Nashville, Tennessee) as she co-wrote music with several notable songwriters and recorded under the watchful eye of veteran producer Kent Wells. She is very active active on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, My Space, Linked In, Sound Cloud and Snap Chat.

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(The following information and photo was obtained by WSBS via Sabrina Fallah's web site for on-air and on-line usage)

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