Around the country, people are feeling the effects of inflation and Massachusetts is no different. It's a tough situation when you have to choose between paying a heating bill and purchasing groceries. But it seems like everything keeps going, heat, rent, car repairs, cable/internet bills, and the list goes on and on. Add to that, the waiting list for affordable housing seems to be never-ending for folks in sections of Massachusetts. It just seems like there is no end in sight.

There is Some Good News for Massachusetts Residents Regarding Egg Prices

One bit of good news is there are locations where you can buy eggs on the cheap side. You probably remember when we were going through the egg crisis not that long ago. Due to inflation and shortages, egg prices were getting ridiculous. I remember going to the supermarket to pick up eggs for my mom and I had to pay over seven dollars for a dozen eggs. Talk about crazy.

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In recent months, egg prices have come down but if you feel that you are still paying too much for them you can get them at a cheaper price at the big box stores according to Allrecipes. The site notes that the following are the cheapest places you can purchase a dozen eggs:

  • Cheapest Option: Walmart at $2.12/dozen
  • Second Cheapest Option: Target at $2.19/dozen
  • Third Cheapest Option: Aldi at $2.35/dozen

The site notes their conclusion was based on retailer sites at stores around the New York/New Jersey Tri-State area on April 19th.

Due to inflation, my wife and I started buying our eggs at Walmart in Pittsfield a few months ago and even though we couldn't get them as cheap as $2.12 per dozen we were/are able to get them for a little over $2.30 per dozen. However, those particular eggs weren't to our liking so we buy the Great Value brand (photo below) for $2.69 per dozen and those have been working out just fine. Where have you seen the cheapest eggs in Massachusetts? We'd love to know.

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