Berkshire County, do you remember checks? I know, nowadays it seems like people don't write or cash/deposit checks anymore but it still does happen from time to time. I receive checks from family members, particularly on Christmas and on my birthday. I guess I may be considered a little boring but there isn't too much I need these days but receiving cash or a check can definitely do the trick. I don't think anybody would turn down money, especially during these current times. If anything, I can use the money to fill up my tank or purchase

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A  couple of weeks ago, I was depositing a check at the Great Barrington branch of Greylock Federal Credit Union and as I was waiting in line I looked at the back of the check that indicates that you must not write, stamp or sign below the line. Now I have always known that line was there, (most if not all of us have) but I never really thought about it, I would just sign it, deposit my check and go on my merry way. Since I was actually paying attention to this order on the back of the check I started wondering...

Why Can't I Write Anything Below the Line?

If you look closely there's a note that reads "Reserved for Financial Institution Use." What this means is the bank uses the space below the line for check processing data.

What Happens If I Sign Below The Line?

According to U.S. News, if you incorrectly endorse a check, it can lead to complications, making it difficult to cash/deposit your check, even possibly running into fraudulent situations. Endorse correctly and get your cash.

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