This past Sunday (Valentine's Day) the Great Barrington Fire Department responded to a chimney fire. According to the Great Barrington Fire Department's Facebook page, the fire was quickly extinguished with a dry chemical extinguisher and chains. The department did not receive any flowers or chocolates.

The Great Barrington Fire Department reminds you of the following best practices when it comes to fire prevention.

  • Make sure that you continuously inspect and clean your chimney.
  • Properly dispose of hot ashes by putting them in a metal bucket directly to the outside away from the house. A bucket of hot ashes can easily catch a house on fire even if that bucket is sitting on the deck outside.
  • Under no circumstances should you take a torch to a frozen pipe. There are safer ways to thaw the pipe, and the professionals have the proper tools - the cost of a plumber will most likely be less than the deductible on your homeowners insurance when the house catches fire.
  • Please make sure that you have working Smoke and CO detectors. Do not use the stove to heat your house, and if you are going to warm up the car, make sure that it is outside and not in the garage.
  • Space heaters should be clear of cords draping over the units; keep space heaters at least three feet away from objects that are combustible; make sure clothing, bedding curtains etc. don't hover over or fall on the units, never leave a portable space heater unattended and make sure to turn off the units before bed.

For questions and more fire safety tips, you can contact the Great Barrington Fire Department at (413) 528-0788.

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