Community Health Programs has received a state grant to expand its health insurance enrollment team to assist more area residents.

As reported in a media release, the two-year, $150,000 Massachusetts Health Insurance Navigator Grant grows the current health insurance navigator staff staff from two to four positions.

The grant also supports free “pre-enrollment” insurance information services at CHP through Oct. 31, ahead of the state’s open enrollment period, which runs Nov. 1-Jan. 23, 2020.

The pre-enrollment period helps consumers to obtain information, determine eligibility requirements and learn about the open enrollment process.

CHP’s insurance enrollment programs are open to all Massachusetts residents, not only to patients of CHP.

Health insurance counseling takes place one-on-one by phone, online, or in person. Meanwhile, CHP’s health insurance enrollment staff will be attending outreach events at various locations, such as area food banks, churches and at CHP’s mobile health unit sites.

Funding for CHP's expanded staffing comes from the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority, also known as the Health Connector program.

For information or to schedule an insurance counseling appointment, contact or call (413) 717-6268.

About Community Health Programs

CHP is the health care home to more than 35,000 Berkshire region residents. Their Family Services program continues to impact the lives of hundreds of young families throughout Berkshire County, including their new addition in Dalton at Mill&Main.

CHP is grateful for the generous, continuing support of individuals, corporations, foundations and other funding sources which enables them to continue to meet the needs of the community.

You can learn more about CHP by going here.

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