It's December 26th, the beginning of holiday gift return season (or maybe you would like to regift, see my previous post on this. According to People, in the "home and travel" section, the most surprising stat GiftNow uncovered is that men are actually the pickiest when it comes to gifts, with only 37% accepting items as-is, compared to 48% of women who keep the items they receive.

Here are the three items that women are least likely to return:

(1) Watches

(2)  Fine jewelry (necklaces and pendants, in particular)

(3)  Anti-aging skincare

For men, the three items they are least likely to return include:

(1) Ties

(2) Wallets

(3) and once again, anti-aging skincare

So what do you think? Would you keep all of these items if you received them (maybe you did receive them this year). I would probably keep the tie and wallet (depending on if the tie was tacky or not). I'm still young enough where I wouldn't make using anti-aging skincare I priority. Do you agree with the article and their findings or are they way of base?