Berkshire County has become quite the cultural mecca and many people including celebrities want a piece of the action. From time to time there are celebrity sightings in Berkshire County whether it's Elizabeth Banks coming home and enjoying ice cream at one of her favorite Pittsfield ice cream spots, or Weird Al Yankovic poking fun at a Williamstown crosswalk, or the busiest drummer in the business, Kenny Aronoff coming home to Stockbridge to put on a performance at Monument Mountain Regional High School or the Mahaiwe Performing Arts or just to visit his friends and classmates from Monument. There's no doubt that celebrities love taking part in everything the Berkshires have to offer.

I Remember Walking Right By Claire Danes When She Was Visiting the Berkshires

When I was in my 20s my friends, my wife (then girlfriend) Amber, and I would go to the Red Herring in Williamstown from time to time. It's probably pretty normal to spot a celebrity in Williamstown, especially with the Williamstown Theater Festival taking place. I remember on one particular summer night around 2003 or 2004, my friends and I were at the establishment enjoying some drinks, conversing, and having some laughs. At one point I walked right by Claire Danes who was sitting with a group of people. Amber noticed her and nudged me and said that was Claire Danes. I honestly wasn't that familiar with her work at the time as back then most of the movies I was watching were of the horror or slapstick comedy genre. Amber knew immediately that was her as she was more familiar with her work and even owned a few of Claire Danes' movies. We minded our own business and headed over to our table.

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That's the Beauty of Berkshire County Residents

For the most part, when there is a celebrity sighting in the Berkshires, we just leave them alone and let them live their lives. I think that's part of the charm here in Berkshire County. Celebrities can just be people and not have to worry about people gawking or being all over them for autographs etc. In the Berkshires, we mind our own while treating celebrities with respect. Have you ever spotted a celebrity in Berkshire County? If so, what did you do?

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