It has been almost one week since the community voted to keep the ban on the sale of single use plastic water bottles (one liter or less) in the Town of Great Barrington. As previously noted, 297 voters voted to keep the ban while 199 voters wanted to repeal it.

We reported the above information on the WSBS Facebook page, and here are the comments we received from the community over the past week:

- I am going to sneak mine into the town!

- It's a positive step forward to reduce waste. Humans create too much waste that's damaging our planet. Bravo to GB for making a difference, no matter how small it may seem.

- Have you seen the Housatonic tap water last 2 days ?

- What's stopping people from going to another town and purchasing them? Quite ridiculous IMO.... ♀️ ♀️ ♀️

- It's no different than nip bottles everywhere..I don't see them banning those...I will still be buying water bottles just from a different town

- Should have been put on the ballot so everyone could have voted. People who had to work didn't get the chance to vote. No absentee option at a town meeting.

- Like anyone is going to enforce this nonsense.

- What are we suppose to do in Housatonic???Drink brown water? Shower in brown water? I'll be buying water else where.

- I’m pretty sure if anyone read the wording of the ban they would realize it is on bottles smaller than 1 liter. All these people are upset about the water in Housatonic being brown must on a regular basis use those small 8 ounce bottles to drink and shower with. Buy it by the gallon fill up your reusable cups. It’s cheaper that way, but everyone just wants to point blame and complain about anything they can. Bravo for Great Barrington trying to change a culture of single use consumption.

- Just wondering how many of you were there last night? It’s a very sad situation when there are a select few that control what we can and cannot offer our costumers.

- When people go to Lee or Canaan to buy their water they will probably do the rest of their shopping while they are there, so Great Barrington loses out once again ! ! !

- I'm still buying my water out of town !! and recycling them in Canaan ... So good luck

- Ridiculous. Housatonic is experiencing serious water problems and single bottles would help with having potable water. You can still buy soda, sugary juices, teas, etc in single serve bottles. Everything in the markets today is in some sort of plastic. We need a standard nationwide to seriously attack the throwaway people we have become. It is a world wide problem. This decision in Great Barrington is a joke! I am and always have been a supporter of recycling what I can but the odds are stacked against us.

- There's countries and continents polluting the oceans but banning water bottles in a little town makes you feel better then have at it  

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