A wildly popular Capital Region donut shop is headed for The Berkshires!

Cosmic Donuts, located in Kinderhook, NY is famous for out-of-this-world (get it, cosmic...out-of-this-world, just had to make sure you were with me) donuts is set to open a second location in Great Barrington. Known for their outrageous flavor combinations, both sweet and savory (more on that in a minute) Cosmic touts "crazy good donuts, good coffee, and killer vibes" that people travel hours to try. The shop is committed to using locally sourced ingredients for their specialty, handcrafted donuts. In addition, the gourmet coffee and espresso served comes from a local roaster.

Co-Owner Jhori Jurgenson talked to us about the future Cosmic Donuts location in south county. The craft bakery just signed a lease to move into a storefront at the Flying Church owned by Paul Joffe on Main Street. Current plans are to move in September 1 and they anticipate an opening date sometime in November. They will offer a variety of different donuts (mostly all yeast-raised donuts) handmade and fresh daily, along with vegan varieties as well.

Jurgenson is originally from Great Barrington, so the idyllic town has always been on her radar and she's very excited to bring Cosmic's deliciousness to her hometown. They plan to hire employees locally with one or two of the Kinderhook staff helping out with management. Jurgenson herslef plans to be back and forth from New York to manage Great Barrington as well.

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Jurgenson and her mother Bonnie Tedder co-own Cosmic Donuts with Jason Garvey who is also a police officer.  According to their website, Bonnie is the kneader of the dough behind each one of their otherworldly donuts. Jhori is the sprinkler of sprinkles, the froster of frostings, the mad scientist of donuts crafting each to be more magical than the last. Last but not least, Jason Garvey is the resident jack-of-all-trades, known for his exceptional taste-testing skills. You can tell this crew likes to have fun.

(L to R) Bonnie Tedder, Jhori Jurgenson and Jason Garvey
(L to R) Bonnie Tedder, Jhori Jurgenson and Jason Garvey

While Jurgenson is very excited to set up shop in Great Barrington, I think I might be more excited to try these things! While I can't wait for this sugar rush, Slater isn't a huge sweets guy, but there are savory flavors for weirdos like him to enjoy as well. Earlier this year as part of a Super Bowl menu, Cosmic Donus made a Buffalo Chicken Dip Donut and even a Cheetos n' Cheese flavor (see pictures below) If this is a preview of what's to come, I'll be counting down the days until the doors open.

Flavor varieties are always changing, but check out some of these bad boys from the Kinderhook location.



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