The Egremont Barn is excited to have Cosmos Sunshine and his group perform this evening at 8 P.M. in South Egremont.

Cosmos was a guest on the WSBS "Let's Talk" program yesterday morning and we asked him what we can expect tonight at the Barn. To summarize, he told us we are going to get a three piece power trio that can really rock the house but also can slow it down a few notches. The band will cover a variety of tastes including rock, soul, blues and more.

After checking out the CD, I can truly say that Cosmos has some great pipes and a stellar ability on guitar.

Here our a few comments and reviews from folks that have listened and worked with Cosmos:

A beautiful voice and great guitarist evoking something classic and familiar, Cosmos brings a groove that reminds you of the past while moving into the future..." - Dave Drewitz Ween, JRAD

"I've been checking Cosmos out since back in the 90's and he's always stood out to me. He's the real deal" - Aaron Comess The Spin Doctors

"Cosmos is not only a great guitar player whose style is both rocking and soulful, but also a killer songwriter. His songs are very well crafted and his melodies and thoughtful guitar parts always blend beautifully for a very unique result, which these days is extremely refreshing." - Peter Levin Gregg Allman Band, Blind Boys of Alabama

I would like to add that I was personally impressed and jazzed about the two songs that we played during the interview on WSBS from Cosmos' new album "Comes With The Fall."

"Letdown" is a straight up rocker and I particularly loved the drums and tom triplets on that number.

"Mockingbird" takes it down a few notches but you are emotionally connected to this tune. It's great stuff!

You can read more about Cosmos Sunshine, his story, schedule, where to purchase and support is music here