There's absolutely no doubt that COVID-19 numbers are ramping up in Berkshire County as another restaurant is temporarily closing due to the fact that one of the team members has tested positive for COVID. Biggin's Diggins out of Lanesborough will be shutting down. Below is a message that the restaurant posted on their Facebook page on Wednesday:

As most of you know, COVID-19 numbers in Berkshire County have rapidly been on the rise. Unfortunately even with all precautions taken, a member of our team at the restaurant (not the food trailer) has tested positive. Although they had minimal contact with guests, we are doing everything we can to assure the safety of our guests and team members. In accordance with Lanesborough Board of Health, we will be closed until the remainder of our team have been tested and we have their results. We have sanitization scheduled for the restaurant to make sure we are all set to open when we can. Some team members have already received negative test results and, per the Board of Health, will be retested prior to reopen to ensure accuracy of the results. We thank you all for your continued support and hope you all stay safe!

Unfortunately this trend is only going to continue if we aren't careful or end up being complacent. It's definitely a broken record but please distance yourself, stay away from crowds, wear a mask and stay safe. Vigilance is key. Take care of yourself, wash your hands and let's all pull together as a team.

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