District Attorney Andrea Harrington signed onto a joint statement with 39 other prosecutors from across the nation in condemning the murder of George Floyd and outlining objectives for making systemic and long-lasting changes to the criminal justice system. You can read the statement by going here.

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In addition, the Berkshire County District Attorney made her own statement on the incident. See below.

"I send my condolences to the family and friends of George Floyd whose life was taken in a grotesque act of violence. My heart and sympathies go out to every person of color in Berkshire County and across this nation feeling despair and hopelessness as a result of this tragedy. This incident is yet another example of both hate and a criminal justice system that is rigged against communities of color. I am disgusted that George Floyd was murdered, but I am more disgusted that his murderers clearly believed they would get away with it. A justice system the public cannot trust to be fair and equitable is a broken system. A complete investigation and commitment to seek justice for George Floyd is only a start in eliminating the bigotry and racism deeply ingrained in our society. The Berkshire District Attorney’s Office reaffirms our commitment to making long-lasting and formidable changes to eliminate bias at every stage of the criminal justice system."

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