I fought tooth and nail to avoid it. Dialysis. I recently read in a Berkshire Edge article that Berkshire Medical Center expanded its renal dialysis center which prompted me to write about my experience. I'm told over and over again that I was one of those miracles. Even though my Polycystic Kidney Disease was causing my creatinine level (the level that measures kidney function) to raise higher and higher and hence caused my kidney function to decline, I didn't need dialysis as the symptoms weren't affecting me too drastically. Needless to say, youth was on my side.

My kidney transplant took place on October 25, 2017. I almost made it without dialysis but the week before my transplant, I had to go on dialysis via pericatheter  method (temporary port through the chest). My creatinine level was at its highest ever, clocking in at a level of 17. I'm lucky I was still walking at that level but honestly I was putting up a decent fight, physically.

The reason why I went on dialysis was to get my blood cleaned up so my transplant surgery would be a success which it was. I did four, three hour dialysis sessions in North Adams (Pittsfield was packed to the point where they couldn't take any new dialysis patients and the center in Great Barringon wasn't open yet) on October 17th, 19th, 21st and 24th. On October 25th the successful transplant surgery took place at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield.

After my dialysis experience, I realized that it wasn't that bad and the nurse technicians were absolutely wonderful. Also, I was only at the sessions to get my blood cleaned as they didn't need to suck any fluids out of me, which, as a result, I didn't suffer from extreme tiredness or dizziness. Again, I'm lucky. Even though, it's not ideal to make that type of lifestyle change three times a week, I realize second to transplant, dialysis is the best option of keeping you healthy and alive. If you're looking for a dialysis center close to home, you can now head over to 10 Maple Avenue in Great Barrington as reported in the Berkshire Edge article.

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