Marjo and I opened up Monday's show talking about what we saw in the sky this morning. When I was getting in my truck to head to work this morning, I saw a rainbow and thought, "Jeez, I don't think I've ever seen a rainbow this early in the morning".

Marjo happened to agree, she hadn't seen one early in the morning either...So, I did some digging around.

attachment-RS35964_Freedom Festival Rainbow-scr

I mean, rainbows in general are rare. We probably see 5 a year? I am crazy? Then there is the double rainbow...

I often recall seeing rainbows after a thunderstorm. OK, let's back up a second and get a clear definition of what a rainbow is and when we can see one.

In order for a rainbow to form, there must be rain falling from a cloud. Relative to your position, that rain must be opposite the direction of the sun, and take place within several hours of sunrise and sunset. Furthermore, the sun must come out to shine direct light on that rain, so that clouds/rain must be spotty and scattered across the sky.

Depending where you are in the country, morning rainbows can be super rare. In Boulder, CO, it's less than 5%! It depends on the weather.


rainbow in blue sky

Maybe, so. It was rare enough that I saw some videos and pics on social media, but then again, I think people post rainbows ANYTIME we see a rainbow here.

The fact is, morning rainbows are not that rare.

Rainbows can appear any time there are water droplets in the air and the sunlight shines from behind them at a low angle. That means they are more likely to appear in the early morning or later afternoon.

Now, a pot of a gold at the end? THAT'S RARE.

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