Recently, we spoke with Berkshire County resident Kevin Larkin. For those who don't know, Kevin is a walking encyclopedia for baseball. A baseball historian if you will. Kevin has authored many books on baseball including 'Baseball in the Baystate,' 'Gehrig: Game by Game and 'Cream of the Crop' which is a list of the top 100 Black/Negro players of all-time, including Berkshire County resident Frank Grant.

Red Sox/Yankees Feud has a Berkshire Connection

If you're a Red Sox or Yankees fan you may already know that there is a Berkshire County connection to their feud. Kevin filled us in with the facts and details when we spoke with him. Here's what Kevin had to say:

This feud actually has a Berkshire County connection to it... in Northern Berkshire County. The Red Sox began play as the Boston Americans in 1901. The Yankees originally played as the Baltimore Orioles for 1901 and 1902. In 1903, they became the New York Highlanders and then the New York/Boston feud started. The first year, the Red Sox defeated the Yankees 13 times and the Yankees won only seven. In 1904, the Red Sox again had an advantage in the feud as it was 12 games to 10. However, on the last day of the season, the Yankees were playing a doubleheader against the Red Sox and this was back before they had divisional playoffs. So, they were playing off for the American League pennant. On the mound, for the New York Highlanders in game one, in a must win situation, was North Adams' Jack Chesbro. That year was the year he won 41 games which is the modern day record for games won in a season. He completed 48 of 51 starts and threw over 454 innings. He was their workhorse. The game was tied 2-2 in the ninth inning. The Red Sox had a runner on third base with two outs. Chesbro uncorked a wild pitch that allowed the Red Sox  to win and clinch the American League pennant. That was probably the first significant incident in the feud.

Pretty cool fact and definitely a small world.

More About Kevin Larkin

Kevin Larkin is a retired Great Barrington police officer and former security guard at Fairview Hospital. In addition, Kevin is a member of of the Society for American Baseball Research where he writes articles as well as fact checking articles. Kevin sits on the 19th century baseball committee, as well as both the games project and biography boards of SABR which is a leading baseball research organization. Kevin's latest book is entitled 'Big Time Baseball in a Small Berkshire County Town: A History of the Troy's Garage Semi-Pro Baseball Team.' You can get more info about the book & all of Kevin's books and connect with Kevin by going here.

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