In a recent interview with Berkshire County District Attorney Andrea Harrington, we spoke on a number of topics related to Berkshire County. One of the topics covered was the fact that there's a problem with domestic/sexual violence in the Berkshires along with an uptick in human trafficking in our county as well.

Andrea said the following:

The focus of my administration is to put our attention on violent crimes. We have a lot of small police departments here in Berkshire County. It can be really challenging for these smaller departments to do sophisticated investigations because they have a lot of responsibilities with patrolling and there are limited resources. As a response to this, back in the '90s the prior administration started the Berkshire County Law Enforcement Task Force. It really started as a drug task force to address the opioid problem at the time.

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As a result of the violent issues in Berkshire County, a violent crimes section was created. Here are Andrea's comments on the formation and purpose of the violent crimes section:

The violent crimes section operates similarly to the operation of the drug task force but really focuses on these kinds of violent crimes. All of the police departments in the county have signed on to the task force. There’s a team of eight officers from all over the county led by a state police detective. It’s a way of ensuring that the local police departments have the resources they need to do these difficult and sophisticated investigations because we want to go to trial and we want to win those cases. We need good investigations in order to do that.

If you have any questions and want to reach District Attorney Harrington's Office by going here.

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