There's so much to love about Great Barrington including the natural beauty of landmarks such as Lake Mansfield, Fountain Pond State Park, Monument Mountain Reservation and so on. Then there are the historical and cultural attractions. For example the Great Barrington Historical Society, the W.E.B. Du Bois National Historical Site and the Guthrie Center to name a few. Great Barrington isn't short on live music either as the 'Great Barrington Summer Concert Series' is in full swing and get ready for 'Berkshire Busk' (a 10 weekend summer event beginning in July). Then of course you have the variety of local restaurants, shops, antique stores etc. This combination is what makes Great Barrington such a desirable place to work, play, visit and live.

The other aspect that makes Great Barrington a joy are the people. They come together to help one another and build a sense of community and common purpose. Great Barrington residents are second to none when it comes to being passionate and caring toward neighbors, friends, family and co-workers. It's the community leadership and partnership that is the life blood of this beautiful town.

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An example of caring for the community is a recent action made by the horticulture students from Monument Mountain Regional High School. They recently decorated and brought the beauty of Railroad Street to another level by setting up colorful flower boxes. It shows that the students care about the community in which they live. Plus, these flower boxes will add to the ambience of this summer's outdoor dining events on Railroad Street. If you see these students, give them a shout out as they are a crucial part of the motor that keeps Great Barrington humming. Take a look at the photos below:

Railroad Street Gets an Enhancement Thanks to the MMRHS Horticulture Students

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