I'm going to jog your memory regarding a well presented situation comedy that aired on NBC during the mid to late 1990's: "Caroline In The City" featured Lea Thompson in the title role as she portrayed Caroline Duffy, a cartoonist whose works in newspapers and magazines were a mirror image of her real life.

The show also featured a wonderful supporting cast including Malcolm Gets as her frazzled assistant Richard, Amy Pietz was superb as her best friend and next door neighbor, the incomparable Annie Spedaro, Andy Lauer added humor as Charlie the roller skating messenger and Eric Lutes co-starred as Caroline's on and off boyfriend, Del Cassidy, which leads me to why I am writing this article: I recently connected with Eric on social media and he will check in LIVE this weekend with Ron Carson on the WSBS Saturday Morning Chat as we will take some time to reminisce about this enlightening and entertaining series.

I also attended a taping during the show's first season out in the left coast back in 1996 and told Eric that my laughter stood out above the rest as the episode entitled "Caroline and the Cereal" was memorable (and I won't go into any detail as we remain "G rated" on this platform as well). Little did I know, over two decades later, he would be a guest on my show. Isn't it ironic?

Prior to Caroline, Eric appeared as station manager Tom Duran in a pair of "Frasier" episodes and most recently he was cast as Jake Carlson opposite the Olsen twins in the 2001 series "So Little Time". Throughout his career, he has also co-starred in numerous TV shows and movies on the big and small screen.

Eric is also a native New Englander. He resides in Narragansett, Rhode Island and was raised in Charlestown where he was a member of The Chariho High School Boys Track Team before the acting bug came knocking. These days you will find him creating beautiful paintings as his works are proudly displayed throughout The Ocean State and various portraits are also available for purchase. We'll also touch on his participation in parades throughout Rhode Island as I looked at some of his Facebook photos where he also recreates the days when "Little Rhody" was a part of the 13 original colonies plus you'll find him playing either bagpipes or the fife while marching at the oldest 4th of July parade in neighboring Bristol and similar events state wide.

Truly a man of many talents, join us this Saturday at 10:05 am on YOUR Home Town Station. Tune in to 860 AM OR 94.1 FM, listen LIVE on line by going here. Download the FREE WSBS app to your tablet, Smart Phone or mobile device and while on our web site, get step-by-step instructions to install Google Home or Amazon Alexa devices via your smart speaker.

You can also find Eric on social media via Facebook and Twitter.

(Photo image of Eric Lutes courtesy of his Facebook page. Some background information on this article was obtained by WSBS courtesy of Wikipedia

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