Patriot fans from Great Barring to Pittsfield, to North Adams, can now finally get a good night’s sleep as Tom Brady has now officially thanked everyone with the release of a nostalgic video that spans his entire career.

The video was released on the GOAT’s Twitter account early this afternoon. The video depicts his long career and some of the biggest highlights from the biggest games and plays from his days with the New England Patriots.

What seemed to be a rushed retirement announcement this week was likely caused by the ESPN report of his retirement from leaks prior to the words or text coming directly from Tom himself. The rushed announcement by Tom posted on Twitter only mentioned the Buccaneers, Tampa Bay fans, coaches, players, his agent, and family without acknowledging New England, the Patriots, fans, coaches, or Mr. Kraft. The omission of everything New England caused an uproar in the Berkshires and all through Patriots Nation.

Hopeful now Tom can ride off into the sunset until we meet again likely at a major ceremony of some kind at Gillette Stadium (the house that Tom built) sometime in the future. Patriots fans can now rest knowing that #12 does indeed love Pats fans and appreciates what he and his teammates were able to accomplish over his twenty seasons with the Patriots bringing home 6 Vin Lombardi trophies to New England.

Tom’s final statement just about the release video says “I love you all. Thank you ALL for making this incredible journey possible.”

Thank you, Tom!

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