A topic that often comes up in the news is the four-way intersection in Stockbridge near the Red Lion Inn. This topic comes up regularly due to accidents often occurring and trying to find solutions to minimize motor vehicle crashes and injuries. A popular reason that comes up for the crashes is driver confusion at the four-way intersection. As a result a $15,000 traffic safety study for Main Street is being researched.

A little over a month ago, WSBS went to Facebook and asked the community if they found the four-way intersection on Main Street in Stockbridge confusing. We received some very passionate feedback and we have those comments listed below.

Susan Holcomb: No. People just have to learn to pay attention!!!!

Heather Armstrong Drake: I've been walking dogs around that intersection for 30+ years. If I had a nickel for every time someone has blown through those stop signs, without so much as tapping their brakes, I could retire today. That said, folks coming from the south would likely avoid a round-about by taking Elm & Maple, where there are considerably more pedestrians.

Paula Cardillo: No. People have to slow down and obey the rules of the road. Everyone always is in a hurry.

Rene Williams: What's so confusing about it???

Jean Bachetti Christman: Really they want to study this. People don’t stop for stop signs, stop in the middle of an intersection. Just plain oblivious of the rules of the road. No brainer. The problem is that everybody wants to be first through the intersection. There are driving rules about this people . If I had a dollar for every time some tried to beat me when I’m coming on 7 and they are at 102.

Berkshiregirl: We love Main street, but that intersection confuses locals, as well as visitors! The old way didn’t work either, but seemed better than the current solution.

Jenny Brown: Stop signs aren’t hard

Ernie Louison: Again, too much intervention. If people would only obey EXISTING laws, there is no problem! When is government ever going to stop trying to create Utopian solutions for everything?

Brett Simms: Stop look both ways and go in order. Be polite and respectful and BAM. No issues anymore

Rachael Holman: That intersection scares me people don't stop you take your life in your own hands going.

Margie Millette: NO, I've lived here forever and have never had a problem here. Maybe if people both inside the cars and the pedestrians paid more attention ,there would no issues. I do think that the two crosswalks right at the intersection are a problem, move them away from the congested area, most people are there to walk around so they shouldn't have a problem with walking a little farther to a safe crosswalk.

James C. Stalker: You can’t micro manage stupid !

Ellie Smith: Stupid is stupid. You can’t fix that no matter what changes you make.

Brooke Sides Storti: I guess I'm stupid and can't be fixed then. I drive this everyday coming from GB to Stockbridge and I obey the traffic laws. The stop signs are quite far apart and even though I KNOW what to look for, often people are getting to their sign at the same time which makes for a confusing 'who goes next'. and if you are from out of town, I don't even know that it's clear that it's a normal take your turn situation because the signs are not laid out in the normal fashion of a three way intersection. And sometimes, the person who "should" go next can't or doesn't because of other factors. So, sometimes, it's your turn but 3 people go through the stop sign at once because they are taking advantage of the break coming from the east. Also, since you can't fix stupid, it seems that maybe a study would benefit everybody and if it's working just fine, then the study should indicate so. Also, I never cross at the RLI because I am not risking my legs to the people who may not see me crossing, whether it's due to stupidity, being in a rush, or simply being a busy intersection where short folks blend in with the cars. I'm not sure there is a better solution but I don't think name calling for those of us who do have some degree of difficulty on some days is very nice.

Joan Peters: Why not put a set of traffic lights up?

Nancy Duryea: No ! People need to stop for the stop signs and look. You come up to the stop sign and you wait until it is clean to proceed. Not too difficult

Beverley Funk: Why not use the flashing stop signs like Lenox has! Catches you eye for sure.

Dennis W Hankey: Pretty simple intersection.. Just because people can’t drive doesn’t mean you have to waste money

Cheryl Geerhold: Only the locals seem to know who has the right of way. How about a sign under the stop sign: oncoming traffic does not stop

Mariellen O'Dowd Lashoones: Come into the 21st century and put up a traffic light or assign a traffic officer to the intersection if they don't want a light.

Willie Funk: Your dealing with city it's here

Robert Lavin Flower: Year Round: A stop sign on the east side of Main street. In Season: A traffic officer during busy times. Maybe people will realize they have to pay attention when driving with a stop.


Terry Webb: Perfect spot for a round-about...!

Karen Johnson: I'm sure Stockbridge taxpayers are anxious to spend $15,000 on a "study" aka Great Barrington.

Lois Cohen: Don't need know 15K study! Just a need a traffic light!

Heather Lorance Ralph: I travel this road every day. At least once a week I am cut off and almost hit by someone either completely blowing through the (Glendale side) stop sign or just not wanting to wait at it. People need to follow the traffic signs and stop then go when it is clear and safe to do so.

Nick Fredsall: Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades......

Heather Lorance Ralph: I'll take almost any day. Beats the alternative! But.....wish people wouldn't even come as close as almost.

Ryan Patrick Emprimo: If your a tourist

Dan Bartoni: Only if you do do not know how to drive

Laura Smith: Yes

Creighton Curtiss: Locals like me have used this intersection both before the stop sign as well as after it’s implication. All the stop sign was designed for was to keep rt 7 south traffic flowing. It does its job. I for one find it easier to get through now than 20 years ago. People just need to pay attention wait their turn and then go.

Rina Gardella: NO

Donna Gop Pitney: Exactly what I was gonna say people need to slow down and be patient and there will be no problem don't need to change anything simple as that

Teri Moro: The solution is people need common sense!! I go through there many times a week. It's only people who are in a rush that really cause any issues!

Steve Harding: I do like the solar powered stop signs like Lenox has at least that. I love rotaries ( round -a -bouts)

Kimberly Alcantara: The Glendale side is usually the problem, they do not want to wait.

Heidi Bachli MacLean: Not any different than any other 4 way intersection!

John Schreiber: I've been at that intersection!

Sean Stephen: Put in a roundabout and it will fine.

Sandy O Greenspan: Haha i come from the glendale side but over the years i have come at this from all angles...not different than other tricky intersections....

Cara Flint: Stopping at a STOP sign....what a concept. If people were to pay attention and drive like they should it would be less of a problem.

Josh Bollom: Nothing confusing about it but it should have a light

As you can see this is a topic that people feel strongly about. What are your thoughts and suggestions?