Earlier this month we published an item regarding a meeting being to be held on Nov. 20 that covered the proposed roundabout construction project at the intersection of Main and Maple Streets (Routes 7 & 23) in Great Barrington. You can read that original post by going here

When we published the post we received some comments and opinions on our Facebook page from the community voicing their concerns and more. You can read those comments below.

K.B. - Such a bad idea and waste of money. Why fix what isn’t broken? There are no issues traffic wise at this location. Glad I do not live in GB anymore. I hate what the town has become.

T.S. - If they are looking to spend (waste) $ they should do the brown bridge, feels like it is gonna fall everytime you drive over it. I would like to know what issues brought them to this conclusion

N.F. - Has been deemed unsafe I was told

T.P - At least move the yellow line so the north bound trucks have more room to make that corner.

L.M. - One of the dumbest ideas the town has EVER had..The traffic runs very smoothly there, no accidents, no trouble. Pittsfield used to have one and saw how ridiculous it was and finally did away with it. Whom ever is trying to keep spending our hard earned tax dollars, why don't you just move away and harass some other town.

K.B. - They are looking to put one in Stockbridge as well. Another really bad idea.

T. K. - I agree L. That is one section of town that traffic has always run smoothly. Why change it.

P.P - We have one here and every so often a large truck tries navigating around it, run over the curbs, knock down the heavy metal posts and chains. The other one is even smaller and trucks and vans have broken the masonry off the cement circle in the center. Good luck.

T. K. - Thanks ...we will need it. This is a very odd situation....because there is good traffic flow and as far as I know.....little if any confusion.

L.R. - I also wondered why they thought of this.

What are your thoughts on this proposed construction project?