Police in Stockbridge are investigating the source of a bomb threat yesterday that prompted the evacuation of the Berkshire Waldorf High School.

The Berkshire Eagle reports that according to Police Chief Darrell Fennelly, a call from a “fake number” came in to Stockbridge Police about noon from a man who said he planted pipe bombs in the school lockers and that he had “full magazines.”

Town Police evacuated students and staff to the gym at the Stockbridge Town Offices before checking the school and determining that there was no danger. The state police bomb squad and a K-9 unit arrived soon after and confirmed the threat to be false. The police are working with the Berkshire District Attorney’s Office to determine the source of the phone call.

Although the threat ended up being a false alarm, it prompted a very real response that jarred the small community.

(article image taken from the Stockbridge Police Department's Facebook Page

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