You never know who's going to visit Berkshire County. We'll get to that in a minute.

What would the Halloween season be without watching John Carpenter's 'Halloween' masterpiece from 1978. 'Halloween' is one of those films that is the perfect horror movie. Built on smooth camera work, anticipation, imagination, and a $300,000 budget, the movie still holds up to this day. John Carpenter's 'Halloween' made millions with little to no gore. That's when you know you have a horror movie that can stand on its own. In my opinion, it's going to be difficult to top this classic in our lifetime. If you want to learn about how the original 'Halloween' film was made, check out 'The Movies That Made Us' series on Netflix as this legendary slasher film is featured on the newest batch of episodes that were released in October 2021. In addition, if you are interested in watching the latest Michael Myers installment, checkout out the brand new 'Halloween Kills' movie on Peacock.

Speaking of Michael Myers, I remember it like it was yesterday when he entered my Berkshire County home. On a warm July day back in 2012, in walks the serial killer in my Pittsfield basement. The strange thing about Michael (other than the obvious) was he was not holding a knife in his hand. That's strange in of itself. Instead, he looked like he was ready to stab somebody with a drumstick. Did Michael go soft? Nope. You have to remember, it was summertime and it was off-season for Michael's main career.

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Since Michael was on killing spree hiatus for the summer, he wanted to catch up on another hobby which was playing the drums. Who knew that Micheal was musical. I guess even serial killers need a way to relieve stress. Check out Michael below as he rips it up on the drumset. That's a nice change from ripping people's heads off. Happy Halloween.

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