When I first arrived in New York's capital region to begin on-air work at gold based A/C K-LITE 101, ironically another familiar face in the realm of television started hitting the streets of Albany and it's surrounding areas, including the beautiful Berkshires as she brought breaking news stories to her loyal viewers which eventually took her to the anchor desk and the rest is history.

Elisa Streeter began her three decade plus career at channel 10 as a beat reporter in 1988 during the evening newscasts when my dear friend, the legendary Dick Wood would introduce her at a specific location and filed a stellar report like any true journalist would. Eventually, her hard work in the field would result in sharing the anchor duties at times with Dick until his retirement in 1991 and afterwards would forge ahead to deliver the day's news with other dear friends that included Jim Brennan, Terry McSweeney, Steve Ammerman, Mark Baker, Lydia Kulbida, Tim Lake and John Gray.

The arrival of 2019 saw an end to Elisa's reign at the anchor chair as she announced her retirement from the TV business a few months earlier. We were treated to a look back at her memorable moments at the Albany based ABC affiliate and on a personal note, let me say it will NOT be the same without her ever popular presence.

The featured image on this post includes Elisa with one of my dearest friends, Chief Meteorologist Steve Caporizzo as they worked together since Cap's arrival in 1989 which led to a life-long friendship on and off screen. Months later while still working at K-LITE, I was also lucky enough to establish a strong and everlasting friendship with this pair which remains rock solid to this day. It's hard to believe we've known each other for half our lives and that is a true accomplishment, if you ask me. Cap now remains as the senior member of channel 10 and I know he will keep the momentum going.

The entire viewing area, including all of Berkshire county wishes Elisa all the best in her post-news adventures. She'll be sorely missed and will always be remembered as a true and consummate professional who without a doubt was "The Real Deal" as she embraced her audience on and off camera with her unique and genuine personality.

Once again, I am SO PROUD to call Elisa a true friend and respected peer in our business. She was ONE of a kind and ALWAYS will be.

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