From the Town of Great Barrington website: The town is still seeking input and comments on its draft of the Complete Streets plan, now available for review on the Town website and at the Town libraries. Citizen comment is now being requested. The draft plan is based on input gathered from residents during the last six months and will help guide the improvements to the town’s transportation network.

“This process has helped identify and prioritize improvements, and we’ve identified potential funding sources to implement for the highest priority items,” said Town Planner Christopher T. Rembold.

Some of improvements identified include: traffic-calming in residential neighborhoods, additional bike paths and lanes and new sidewalk connections that could link neighborhoods to parks and community facilities. The plan analyzes how the town’s street and sidewalk networks enable, encourage, and support transportation for all people, including those who walk, bike, use a wheelchair, or take a bus.

Comments will be accepted until Aug. 13, when the Selectboard will vote on a final plan and list of priority projects.

Questions and comments can be sent via email to Mr. Rembold’s office,, and phone call comments can be directed to his office, 413-528-1619, ext. 7.

The Complete Streets plan is intended to provide safety, comfort, mobility, and accessibility for all users of the street network, including pedestrians, cyclists, other non-motorists, transit users, school bus riders, motorists, commercial vehicles, and emergency vehicles, and are for people of all ages and abilities. Complete Streets principles contribute to the safety, health, economic vitality, and quality of life in our community by improving the motorized and nonmotorized environments in order to provide safe, accessible, and comfortable means of travel.

(Image: Chris Rembold in the WSBS studio following a 'Let's Talk' interview regarding the Complete Streets plan) 

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