Recently on the WSBS Let's Talk program we spoke with Adam Chait of Fiber Connect of the Berkshires. Adam addressed the desperate need of hi speed internet in some of the Southern Berkshire towns including New Marlborough, Egremont, Alford and more.

Adam discussed the benefits of the fiber optic option if towns were willing to incorporate this type of internet into their communities. Like with anything, if you're going to make a major decision like incorporating fiber optic internet into your town, being educated first is key. According to Adam and the website Fiber Connect of the Berkshires, fiber optic internet is the fastest, most reliable and secure form of broadband technology surpassing DSL and cable. It can provide an internet connection of up to 10 GB per second for both upload and download which is more than 100 times faster access than non-fiber optic broadband. At these speeds you can download a 2-hour HD movie in 25 seconds, a 45-minute HDTV show in 5 seconds, a 9-hour audiobook in 0.9 seconds, 5-minute video in 0.2 seconds and a 4-minute song in 0.03 seconds.

The above information is just one of the many frequently asked questions that Adam receives when it comes to fiber optic internet. You can read more of the faq's and answers by going here.

In addition, Adam will be hosting a live breakfast q&a session regarding fiber optic internet this Sunday, July 15 at the Egremont Barn at 10:00 A.M. This session is free and open to the public but if you plan on eating breakfast, it may be a good idea to preregister by calling the Egremont Barn at: 413-528-1570.

(Image: Adam Chait of Fiber Connect of the Berkshires) 

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