We reported about a month and a half back the Great Barrington Police Chief, William Walsh will be retiring this December. Now another beloved individual from the community will be retiring and it's this month...Great Barrington Fire Deputy Chief Terry Chamberland. Below is a statment that Terry recently posted on his Facebook page:

Charlie Burger, Chief
Mark Pruhenski, Town Manager
GB Select-board,

Pursuant to Massachusetts Law, Chapter 415 of the Acts of 1987, I Deputy Chief Terrance (Terry) Chamberland of the Gt. Barrington Fire Department, with sadness in my heart announce that I will be retiring as an active member of the Gt Barrington Fire Department after 44 years, 5 months of dedicated service to our town. The law states that a member can go to the end of the month that they turn 65. I will be turning 65 on July 24th, so my retirement will take effect, July 31, 2020 at 23:59.


I would like to thank chiefs, Charlie Burger, Harry Jennings, Mike Ordyna, Mike Fitzpatrick and Mort Cavanaugh for all your leadership and guidance over the years. Also want to thank all my fellow officers and firefighters I've worked with of which there are too many to list. Thank you to our town managers, Joe Kellogg, Burke LaClair, Kevin O'Donnell, Jennifer Tabakin and Mark Pruhenski and the many, many different members of the select board for all your support of the fire department. A Large Thank You to the residents of the town that have always supported the fire department when needed. Lastly and most importantly, THANK YOU, to my wife Robin and my Family for your support. Your total understanding as meals and occasions would get interrupted at all hours of the day and night. I couldn't have done it for all these years without your total support.

Be Safe and Healthy

Terry Chamberland
Deputy Chief #38
Gt. Barrington Fire Department

Wow! Just like Chief Walsh, Terry is another true stand up individual and role model for our community that everyone loves. From personal experience, we at the radio station always felt his support whether it was at live events or the time about five years ago when I walked into the station one winter morning around 4:30 a.m. and it was flooded due to a pipe burst...Terry was right there to pull me/us out of the jam.

We will miss him in his role but also look forward and support Terry in what's to come in the next phase of his life. Thank you brother Terry.

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