The tenth annual 'Friends of Moe' (in memory of Maureen Snyder) golf tournament is coming up this Sunday, Sept. 22 at the Egremont Country Club with registration at 9:30 A.M. and tee time at 11:00 A.M.

'Friends of Moe' supports local families fight against cancer. In nine years the committee has raised over $100,000 and that money has been given directly to local families to help them with their battle against this devastating disease.

We recently spoke with 'Friends of Moe' committee members Randy Koldys and Dennis Martin and they discussed how thankful and appreciative they are for the communities generosity over the years to make this fundraising benefit a success. The more money the committee raises, the more local families they can help. The teams are pretty well set as they have just about reached their limit for team signups.  However, folks can still contribute and support the cause by becoming a sponsor, make a donation of money or a raffle prize by contacting Randy at 413-717-0606.

Randy and Dennis talked about that even though there are almost 50 teams, it may seem like a long day but they put folks together that know each other and people have a great time while waiting their turn. They chat, tell stories, play music and before they know it, they're the next one/team to play. Dennis mentioned that it's less of a golf tournament and more of a social gathering where the community comes together and has a blast while supporting an incredible cause. This is truly a grass roots, local organization.

There's a dinner following the actual golf tournament. You can certainly partake in the raffles and dinner portion of the day (you do not have to golf to participate in the dinner and raffles). If you are interested in the dinner and/or purchasing raffles, contact Randy at 413-717-0606 for more information.

Article image features Randy Koldys (l) and Dennis Martin (r)

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