Garfield Reed. Talk about a wonderful guy. Many people in the local community know and love him. When I see him, he's always in a great mood and has a positive's truly infectious. His "Cancer Terminators" team makes great contributions to "Relay For Life" and Garfield by the virtue of his nature and personality makes the event extra fun.

I always have a blast interviewing Garfield along with "Cancer Terminators" teammate Emily Wagner on-air to discuss the latest happenings in not only the Berkshire County Relay For Life event but also specifically what the team is doing for their individual fundraising events.

Not only is Garfield a nice man, he would do anything you need. Here's an example of the generosity that Garfield possesses. This Thanksgiving, Garfield is delivering turkey dinners to those that are shut in, aren't going to a relative's home for the holiday, have fallen on hard times etc. All you have to do is call Garfield at (413) 528-4127 by tomorrow (Thursday, Nov. 19) and leave a message with your name and address and Garfield will make sure that you have a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.

It's COVID-19, people are facing food insecurities and Garfield is taking his time to provide this act of kindness in order to help brighten the holiday for residents that are facing difficult times this year. This is a prime example of paying it forward in our South County region. We here at WSBS are privileged to know Garfield.

Thank you Garfield for taking care of our friends in the Southern Berkshires and displaying what true community is all about.

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