A hot item in the media as of late is the banning of the sale of single-serve plastic water bottles containing still water, one liter or less in the town of Great Barrington. A few months ago when this ban was potentially going to take effect, we asked folks for their opinions on this topic via the WSBS Facebook page. Well, we had a storm of comments and opinions which was to be expected. You can see those comments by going here.

Now it looks like there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for those who disagree with the ban. A group has formed and they are looking to repeal the recent plastic water bottle ban in Great Barrington. The group has raised enough signatures and will now be granted a special town meeting which will be more than likely coming up in July.

The Berkshire Eagle has all of the details on the latest regarding the Great Barrington plastic water bottle ban and the possibility of overturning it.  

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