In an effort to streamline periodic celebratory “wave parades,” the town has created an application process to ensure police, fire and other resources are in place for the events.

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The application asks for organizer information, number of vehicles expected in the parade, route maps, dates and times. The town fire and police departments, public works department and town manager will review and approve or disapprove requests.

“The recent wave parades in town — with school district teachers and high school graduates streaming through town in cars for sidewalk audiences — have boosted spirits and brought joy to our neighbors, and especially children who can’t attend school in person,” said Town Manager Mark Pruhenski. “We are all for it — we want to coordinate our planning for these parades to make sure our various departments are able to accommodate requests.”

Wave parades, cropping up around the country in recent months, usually include police and fire vehicles with lights and sirens leading the way. Last weekend, graduates of Monument Mountain High School made their way through town in a steam of vehicles, wearing caps and gowns and blaring their horns. The streets were lined with well-wishers.

The application, an online fillable document, can be found here, and submitted to the Town via email or returned in the drop box outside Town Hall.

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