Lake Mansfield in Great Barrington is a beautiful and popular spot. The road alongside it is anything but, so the town's road and planning officials were at last week's Select Board meeting to find out what can be done to fix it in the near term until a long term solution can be found.

The Berkshire Eagle reports that Select Board member William Cooke said, "The road is falling apart. There are certain stretches of it that are just pothole." The town is still conducting engineering work on how to fix the road and improve the area, but Cooke urged immediate action to reduce further decay of the road until that can happen.

Lakeside weather, the ice/thaw cycles and traffic have helped created the numerous potholes. Patches wind up breaking apart and going into the lake.The town's Lake Mansfield Improvement Task Force has already determined that rebuilding the road would be a costly endeavor. It would also likely wind up ensnared by environmental permitting.  The Lake sets at the edge of a residential neighborhood and is adjacent to a 29-acre conservation forest.

Town Planner Christopher Rumboldt said that a baseline engineering study is nearly complete.


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