We're knee-deep into the holiday season which means loading up on food, treats, gifts, wrapping paper, decorations and more are all part of the festivities and celebration. If you live in Berkshire County you know how important it is to shop local, whether you live in northern, central, or southern Berkshire. Try your best to keep money right here in our beautiful county. It keeps our local neighbors employed during these trying times.

In addition to all of the holiday items that are on your shopping list, you may be in the need to purchase alcohol. Whether it be for purposes of celebrating or something a little extra to get you through the holiday season, alcoholic beverages may be a priority on your holiday list.

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It goes without saying that most businesses, in general, are closed on Christmas Day. You'll probably have your Christmas shopping completed ahead of time anyway but in the off chance that you forget to purchase alcohol ahead of time, you'll be out of luck if your try to purchase alcoholic beverages on Christmas Day in Massachusetts, at least at liquor stores. It's a law in Massachusetts that liquor stores stay closed on both Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

If you're a Massachusetts resident, plan ahead and purchase your holiday liquor before Christmas Day and you'll be good to go. Remember, if you are going to drink on Christmas (or on any day of the year for that matter) make sure, that if you're not home, you have a designated driver and drink responsibly. Cheers!

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