Most people know that our Berkshire County police departments work tirelessly to keep the community safe each and every day. It can be a tough job providing justice 24/7. During the pandemic, the job of police departments, first responders, and more became more demanding as more people were getting sick all while our local departments had to be concerned with keeping themselves healthy. Plus, as mentioned previously by Berkshire County District Attorney, Andrea Harrington; domestic violence cases increased in the county, particularly during the early stages of the pandemic. Our Berkshire County police departments certainly had their work cut out for them.

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Three Berkshire County police departments that recently have been recognized for their efforts are the Dalton, Great Barrington, and Pittsfield Police Departments. Check out the Facebook posts below:

Congratulations to these three departments and all of the police departments across the county who work tirelessly to protect us each and every day.

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