The Town of Great Barrington has acted to reduce by 50 percent the license fees required of certain categories of local businesses that have been hardest hit by COVID-19.

As reported in a press release, restaurants, lodging establishments, entertainment licenses and movie theater license fees are among those for which licensing fees will be reduced for the 2021 fiscal year.

Great Barrington Selectboard Chair Stephen Bannon made the following statement:

We wanted very much to do something to help these businesses most harshly affected by Covid-19. As we look around town, we see how very hard these business owners are working to remain in business serving customers, against tough odds.

Normally, the town takes in approximately $65,000 in all Selectboard-issued licenses. With these reductions, the town will reduce that take to $42,435, a reduction of $21,218. Not all businesses will receive the benefit: purveyors of retail alcohol, real estate companies requiring licenses for signage, and automobile dealers are not subject to the rebate.

For a list of licensees subject to the reduction in fees, see below:

License Type:                                                                    License Fee:               Total:
Common Victualler Restaurant All Alcohol-                      $950                          $32,300
Common Victualler Restaurant Beer and Wine-               $450                           $2,250
Common Victualler Restaurant Beer & Wine (w/out food)$450                           $450
Club All Alcohol -                                                               $650                           $650
Seasonal Club All Alcohol-                                                $600                           $600
Innholder All Alcohol -                                                       $950                           $950
Annual Automatic Amusement Device -                            $30 per machine        $480
Annual Common Victualler License -                                $25                             $1,800
Annual Innholder License -                                               $50                              $550
Annual Lodging License-                                                  $50                              $50
Annual Motion Picture License -                                       $75                              $150
Annual Weekday Entertainment (Indoor)                          $25                              $500
Annual Sunday Entertainment (Indoor/Town Fee only)   $85-175                        $1,205
Annual Bowling                                                    $30/1st lane + $15/add’l lanes $50

                                                                                   ESTIMATED TOTAL: $42,435

You can get more information by going here.

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