Massachusetts certainly has some interesting and mysterious attractions. We've discussed the Creature or Monster of Coca Cola Ledge in North Adams. If you missed that one, you can check out the story by going here. How about Balance Rock in Pittsfield State Forest? Also, what about some of the spooky activity that was captured on video at Hillside Cemetery in North Adams? We can't forget about the bizarre Rocking Horse Graveyard in the City of Lynn. You get the idea. Massachusetts has some weird, spooky, and interesting attractions. Some of these are well known like Houghton Mansion and the Hoosac Tunnel both in Northern Berkshire County. Some are a bit less known.

Now, You Can Check Out a Money Tree in a Massachusetts Town

Who says money doesn't grow on trees? In this case, you can get money out of a tree. There was an interesting post that I recently found on Facebook that features an ATM installed in an actual tree at a Big Y Shopping Plaza in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

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The Facebook post which is located on the Tales of New England Facebook page included the following caption:

The Money Tree is a whimsical ATM like no other. The tree features sculptures of animals hidden in it's roots and branches. It's located in a shopping plaza on the Mohawk Trail (Massachusetts Route 2.) It is at the eastern end of the Big Y plaza.

Massachusetts has some pretty cool attractions but the money tree is definitely one of a kind. It's only fitting that a money tree would be located in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

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