The new 'Halloween' film is in theaters and is breaking all sorts of records. I caught the movie last Saturday and loved it. This was classic Michael Myers on the prowl. Fans of the series and genre should not miss this one.

We have a treat for you on the Halloween edition of 'Let's Talk' at 9:05 AM. On Oct. 31, we will be speaking (via phone) with 'Halloween' (2018) stunt performer, fight coordinator and actress Marian Sing. Marian had an on screen death scene in the film. Marian will be talking about here experience on 'Halloween' (2018).

In addition, Marian is going to be the stunt coordinator for the upcoming 2019 film 'Inducted.' 'Inducted' will focus on the truth behind the first U.F.O. encounter to be inducted into United States History as true and historically significant. Former Sheffield resident, Thomas Reed is writer and director for this film and he'll appear on the Halloween edition of 'Let's Talk alongside Marian. We'll get some insight into both 'Halloween' (2018) and the upcoming 'Inducted' film.

So get ready for what will be a fitting Halloween edition of 'Let's Talk' Wednesday morning, Oct. 31 at 9:05 AM on WSBS.