Look, don't get me wrong, Berkshire County, I'm not knocking love. Or being in love. Heck, I'm happily in love. Going on over a decade with my beautiful soulmate, Tonya. She is my rock and I love her with all my heart.

With that said, you can be in love with someone or even think you're in love with someone and still not be a fan of Valentine's Day. I've honestly never been a fan of this "holiday". I'm not a grump, really, but follow me on this. Do you really need a certain day to tell people you love them? Shouldn't you tell that person every single day just how much they mean to you?

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And just because I don't like Valentine's Day, does not mean that I don't like love stories or romantic comedies, either. I just think that whether you're currently in a very fulfilling relationship, searching for your special soulmate, or happily single and loving it, you should watch something a little different this year on V-Day.

So here are just a couple of movies from out of the many anti-romance flicks out there just in case you want to mix it up a little while Cupid's in the air.

How about we start off with TWO classic twisted romance flicks, both from the 80s...And both starring Michael Douglas...


This movie is a truly dark comedy that follows the path of a couple's relationship. The movie begins with the two meeting for the first time, falling in love, falling out of love, scenes of mental anguish, physical violence, and eventually, death. Did I mention this was a comedy?


This classic thriller tells the story of a married man who foolishly has an affair with a seemingly normal woman. He tries to end the affair but she becomes obsessed with him. That obsession leads to an unhappy ending...At least, for her.


This movie follows the relationship between two people who actually met in the stands at a Chicago Cubs game all the way through their split. Actors Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston met on the set of the movie and eventually became a couple in real life for a short time before they broke up. You would have thought the movie's title would have been a warning.


How about a nice horror flick for Valentine's Day? Here's something different(to say the least). The plot(without giving too much away) centers on a recently widowed father who puts on a fake TV show audition to screen for his next potential Mrs. Right. He meets someone who he's instantly interested in and begins dating before he realizes something about her is a little...off. Let me just say if you are easily horrified or have an aversion to darker-edged material, you may want to give this one a wide berth.

If you're not feeling the least bit romantic this February 14, give one of these a try. Enjoy!

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