Most of us awoke to a bit of snow covering our South Berkshire landscape, which continued to fall through the morning rush.  It wasn't a lot, maybe an inch or less, but it was enough to do 2 things: cause us to use the old snow brush to clear off our cars, and make some roads rather slippery since it was combined with below freezing temperatures.  We got a call advising us that some school buses might be a bit late making their rounds, as they were having trouble navigating the roads. I have to admit, the conditions even surprised me.  As I drove in before dawn filling in for Jesse I hit a slick stretch of road that caused me to quickly remember some winter driving skills.  Which is the real challenge that we face on the road every year when we encounter 1st accumulating snow of the season. Welcome back "old friend", and thanks for reminding us that although Winter is a month away on the calendar, it's just down the road here in the Berkshires.

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