When we last caught up with Rhode Island native Raina Smith a few months ago, the subject at hand was all about a vampire terrorizing Newport (aka The City By The Sea). The focus now shifts to an inherent nature of mankind and the forces of good and evil within the human soul. "Thy Kingdom Come" is an epic story that hopes to inspire readers of all ages in a new and profound way.

This trilogy which includes her previous works "The 13th Apostle" and "Divine Providence" is described as her labor of love as she draws creative inspirations form personal experiences which serves as a connection in life and is derived from another source from another mysterious realm. Raina feels there is a spiritual movement that is riveted by every scene and chapter that is put on paper as her novels highlight mankind's struggle between good and evil with a focus on the supernatural. Her journey in life is to observe and write about the human soul's evolution with an emphasis on the natural environment that surrounds us on a daily basis.

Now for a sneak preview of her latest work: The main character, Fallon is on a mission to try and save the soul of her twin brother, Roarke as she has been relegated in a dark location where torment and shame rule. Her fascination with "the other side" proves to be a life-changing adventure as The Evil One anticipates her every move providing obstacles and challenges that she must overcome to succeed in her quest in this deep, and eerie realm in the so-called after life.

Raina will fill us in further on her latest novel "Thy Kingdom Come" when she joins Ron Carson this weekend on the WSBS Saturday Morning Chat immediately following The Trading Post. She will also focus on her previous works to refresh your memory. Tune in to 860 AM OR 94.1 FM. Listen LIVE on line by logging on to our web site, www.wsbs.com and by downloading the FREE WSBS app to your tablet, Smart Phone or mobile device. You can also access the chat on Google Home or Amazon Alexa enabled devices.

To learn more about Raina, log on to her web site by going here.

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