Housatonic Basketball Senior Division

Pick Enroll defeated Aberdales with a final score of 44 to 39

For Pick Enroll, Griffin McElroy scored 18 points, Colby Carlson added 6 and Same Yeung contributed 6. For Aberdale’s, Devon Hannivan scored 13 points, Kyle Wllencamp contributed 9 and Luke Arienti added 6.

Elsewhere,  Wheeler & Taylor defeated Cove Lanes with a final score of 48 to 36.

For Wheeler and Taylor, Khalil Carlson scored 23 points, Henry Bradway added 11 and Cayden Crupi contributed 8. For Cove Lanes, Isaiah Keefner scored 11 points, Ler Sprague contributed 8 and Sparky Blanchard added 5.

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