Have you been a little impatient or perhaps frustrated over the delay in traffic in Great Barrington over the past year. I mean sure, Great Barrington tends to have heavy traffic during peak tourist months which is par for the course. However, you probably have noticed, maybe even felt your blood boiling when there was time added to the delay due to the construction and repair work on the Brown Bridge.

Patience pays off as Great Barrington residents and visitors can rejoice as traffic is now a hair faster in our downtown area. The former Brown Bridge in Great Barrington is now clear for traffic as the bulk of the construction was recently completed.

The bridge is no longer the Brown Bridge, however people will probably always refer to it in that manner since that has been its moniker for years. The bridge actually received a new paint job and is now a rosy type color. The actual name for this color according to the Town of Great Barrington is "primer red." Additional painting will be completed soon.

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Now drivers can be a little more satisfied because even though there still can be heavy summer traffic in town (that's a given that we have to live with), the backup due to the bridge construction is a thing of the past. So, you can now get to your destination a little faster. Amen.

In a press release from the Town of Great Barrington, Town Manager Mark Pruhenski made the following statement:

Any summer road construction in our town can be a big inconvenience for residents, visitors and commercial traffic We thank everyone for their patience over the past year.

In addition, the press release stated that work on the state-owned bridge where Routes 7, 23 and 41 converge over the Housatonic River, began in mid-2020. The project faced Covid-related delays and persistent rain earlier this summer, but contractors finished just a month or so behind schedule.

Youi can read more details about the bridge's construction work by going here.

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