1)Pierre from "Lovely Lenox" checked in as he is STILL looking for vintage advertising signs, storage buildings, storage buildings and Tanglewood posters. If you can help him out, call (413) 441-2239...

2) Donna checked in from Great Barrington as she STILL has a queen size sleeper sofa and a rocker recliner for best offer. if interested, give her a call at (413) 528-2085.

3) Vinnie from Great Barrington is STILL looking for a 28 to 30 foot long camping trailer. if you can assist him in his quest, call (413) 329-4438.

4) Our "Main Man and Main Dad" Jesse Stewart STILL has assorted strollers available for best offer. For more details, call him at (413) 464-5363.

5) Your Trading Post host, Ron Carson is STILL looking for a vintage AM ONLY Zenith OR GE clock radio, circa 1960's. Must be in excellent condition and in good working order. Check in with me during regular business hours at WSBS to negotiate a price. (413) 528-0860.

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