The worst thing in the world for us consumers is when a favorite restaurant or retail store that we've had a long history with suddenly closes down. Some of us (myself included) are still dealing with the loss of Papa Ginos on Merrill Road in Pittsfield which closed down a few years back.

Many long-time Berkshire residents are still lamenting the losses of awesome businesses such as Kmart(the Pittsfield location which, by the way, was the first-ever Kmart in New England, closed in 1997), Bradlees, Ames, the Dakota, Macy's, Best Buy, and Bonanza just to name a few.

If you follow the news at all, you probably know that retail giant Walmart closed over 20 of its locations across the country last year in 2023. The company started 2024 by closing a few more.

Can you believe Walmart has been around for over 60 years? It's true! The very first Walmart store opened in Rogers, Arkansas back in 1962. And in less than ten years, Walmart expanded to over 35 stores in 5 states. That's pretty incredible.

According to the news outlet, Walmart recently announced that three more stores will be closing soon. Two retail locations in Georgia, and one in Colorado. But what about the Commonwealth?

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Luckily, (for us, anyway) none of the Walmart locations that closed last year were located in Massachusetts. But 2024 is only halfway done so who knows what the future will bring for the Bay State?

Can you even imagine the possibility of not having a local Walmart? I'm having trouble picturing it and you have to remember that I was around before Walmart became the retail monster that it is today. We'll have to wait and see.

For more, please visit MassLive's website here.

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