Yes, it was yesterday, April 1.  And no, those weren't pieces of the doomed Chinese space lab Tiangong-1 falling from the sky over the Berkshires this morning. Mother Nature decided to let our Easter Sunday be pleasant enough and saved the April foolery for today in the form of some light snow.

I wasn't a true surprise, as forecasters had called for anywhere from a "dusting" to 1 to 3" (which is a "dusting" around here) in some Southern Berkshire locations. Late morning reports from some hilltowns tended a bit to the higher side.

But it's April, and with the sun breaking through and temperatures in the 40's our snowfall is just a memory. As is that space lab, which wound up breaking up and falling harmlessly into the South Pacific Sunday night, our time. I'll readily admit that I was not too pleased to be brushing off the car for work this morning, but it was much better than getting plunked by some falling space junk.



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