The Great Barrington Police Department is conducting its annual campaign to enforce the Town’s Automobile Storage Bylaw. Unregistered or dilapidated cars or boats left on property are in violation of this bylaw, and the town offers four ways to rectify the situation:

(1) Properly register the vehicle or boat

(2) Screen the vehicle or boat from public view by permanent means such as fencing or a garage structure

(3) Remove the vehicle or boat

(4) Obtain a permit from the police station for $25 that is good for one vehicle or boat for one year only. Permits are not renewable.

The following non-profit agencies may pick up unwanted vehicles and offer a tax detection for the donation:

National Kidney Foundation 800-488-2277
Mothers Against Drunk Driving 800-720-6233
American Lung Association 800-577-5864.

Police officers are checking all town streets to enforce this bylaw, and residents are being asked to comply with the bylaw within three weeks. The bylaw calls for a $50 fine for each day of the violation.

For more information please call Officer Andres Huertas at 528-0306, ext. 141.

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