When my parents gave me a AM ONLY transistor radio for my 3rd birthday, it was without a shadow of a doubt that one day my voice would be emanating from a radio speaker. Some people have no idea of what they want to do career wise, but in my case, that was a goal in my life and I am proud to say that I've achieved it.

My first professional job on the air was not too far from home base in Great Barrington as I had the distinct honor of broadcasting from a former "chicken coop" located on route 9G in neighboring Columbia county (aka the former home of WCKL licensed across the Hudson River in the village of Catskill, New York)

Lately, I've been trying to obtain some memories from my past as I have been looking for a vintage AM ONLY clock radio that graced my end table many moons ago. Here is a classic Zenith that we had in our residence many moons ago. If there is a way to get a duplicate of this particular receiver, you have TRULY made my day.

Zenith AM Only Clock Radio

The model displayed in this cover photo was also one of my favorites: An early 60's General Electric Tube clock radio that was the apple of my eye as I always thought this particular receiver had the best fidelity in sound and nothing beats the sound of a loud buzzer to wake you up from a sound sleep as your designated radio station would follow within seconds and then you can promptly his the snooze button for some extra winks of sleep.

These units truly were one of a kind as traditional AM radio ruled the airwaves way back when and the best part about re-obtaining one of these receivers is it will be set to 860 AM and I'll be getting my day going with a little blast from the past as the voice of "Our Main Man & Main Dad" Jesse will be spotlighted on a daily basis. CLASSIC with a capital C for sure.

I've been featuring my request on our Saturday morning Trading Post as a "looking for" item each and every week and as you are reading this article, your assistance in this latest mission in my life would be appreciated. Give me a call at WSBS during regular business hours (1-413-528-0860) and if you have a receiver that is in excellent condition and working order, I can discuss a negotiable price.

From someone who STILL lives in the past: "Those were the days, my friend: I wish they'd NEVER end"!

(Photo images of clock radios featured in this article courtesy of etsy.com, eBay and You Tube)

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