Sheffield native Tom Ingersoll is set to release “Friday” April 21st on CD and Digital Download.

In a press release sent to WSBS from Tom Ingersoll, the 3rd album of original music from the Berkshires-based singer-songwriter features 11 new songs in the Americana/Alt-Country/Folk-Rock vein. “Friday” is produced by Robby Baier, recorded and mixed at his SubStation Studio, and features an all-star cast of Berkshire musicians, including guitarist Steve Ide (Arlo Guthrie, The BTUs, Advanced Funk), bassist Jim Reynolds (Wishful Thinking, Wild Card), drummer Dave Lincoln (Dooley Austin, B-Side, Albert Cummings) and keyboardist Joe Rose (The Transmitters). Lukas Schwartz (Beartown Mountain Ramblers, Roughouts) adds fiddle, while Matt Fleury (Restless Mountain Bluegrass Band) adds banjo.

The release follows Ingersoll’s earlier efforts: “Breakfast” (1997) and “Crunch” (2003), which garnered regional airplay, great reviews and even landed two songs on NPR’s “Car Talk”. Tune Street founder John Conlin once counted Ingersoll as “among the fastest-selling local artists we’ve seen.” Seth Rogovoy described the flavors of “Crunch” as “old-fashioned, guitar-driven, blue-collar rock ‘n’ roll.”

Ingersoll’s latest, “Friday”, with award-winning Songwriter and Producer Robby Baier at the controls, pushes further out into Alt-Country and Rock ‘n Roll, while retaining that often whimsical, melodic Folky core that Ingersoll’s fans have come to expect.

Baier recorded the project on Digital Performer (a Massachusetts-based software) and Housatonic-based Ian Stewart is mastering the project. Graphic Designer Kip Beacco and Photographer Stephen G. Donaldson will also be contributing to the jacket.

A Kickstarter campaign is underway to fund the production of “Friday”, and Release Party Concert is scheduled at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center on April 21st at 7:00 PM.

For more information about Tom and his record “Friday”, visit or Tom Ingersoll – Musician on Facebook. Tom’s music is also online at, iTunes, Spotify, and others.

The “Friday” Kickstarter page:

Tom Ingersoll is an arborist, landscape contractor, and speaker/educator. He lives in Sheffield and spends his spare time playing baseball and volunteering to plant trees. He and his fiancée Melissa are planning their future home and gardens.